The Life and Times

The Life and Times

Giant's Chair, Ex Acrobat

Wed, November 29, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

The Life and Times - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
The Life and Times
Since The Life and Times formed, oh, roughly 1,825 days ago and began disarming audiences and critics with unbelievably loud yet relentlessly beautiful music, the main constant for the band has been how uncategorizable they've remained. Sure, they're a "rock band", but one that skirts the boundaries of this word in each song, tipping their collective cap to the giants that loom in each melody.
Yes, they're still moody, spacey, sonically overwhelming, symphonic and always grandiose. But threading these traits together is the same obsessive attention to detail from singer Allen Epley, drummer Chris Metcalf and bassist Eric Abert that was the calling card of Suburban Hymns (DeSoto) and each subsequent release. The music made for their 2nd full length release Tragic Boogie (Arena Rock) reflects a process that's even more detail-obsessed than earlier efforts.

Quoth Allen Epley (gtr/vocs/etc), "We wanted to make the kind of record that a big-name band with a lot of money might make, except we don't have any money. But we said what the hell and decided to do it anyway by going in debt and built our own studio and recorded it in my basement". The result is a record with layered intricacies that rewards repeated listenings. It's also one that heavily scratches that rock itch, ahem, but doesn't drown you in Gee Whiz Factor bullshit.

The time granted by recording without being under the pro-studio-money clock was liberating. Some songs were recorded multiple times, trying different tempos and nuances. Songs like the title track 'Tragic Boogie' reflect an ethos of what they call "pre-post-production", where the idea is to try to "anticipate how we might manipulate the song in post on pro-tools, and then actually perform it that way as we were recording it, and not rely on post to create the effect". After recording , the bulk of tunes were mixed by Jason Livermore (Rise Against, Shiner) at The Blasting Room with the band and their fine-tooth combs in hand.

And though they have made a record for the ages, the live show is the proof. Blisteringly loud, unbelievably lush and brilliantly lit with white light, the sound created by these 3 gentlemen belies their numbers. The muscular 26" kickdrum thump of songs like 'Fall of the Angry Clowns' is not just heard live but felt in the belly. 'Let It Eat' recalls Blonde Redhead in 5th gear at 125mph, anchored by Eric Aberts' headbob-inducing bassline by the time we reach the chorus.

Where '07s The Magician EP (StiffSlack) echoed slivers of Floyd, My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive, Tragic Boogie finds them wearing multiple masks within one song, or even one verse. The majesty of 'Que Sera Sera' reflects an ethos of grandiosity of The Flaming Lips, while songs like 'Old Souls' and 'Catching Crumbs' owe a debt of gratitude to Doves and Interpol. And an instrumental with a name like 'Pain Don't Hurt' is proof that, while they are moody and melancholy, they refuse to take themselves too seriously.

Tragic Boogie, like the best albums made with unending attention to detail and looking to scale grand heights, never gets bogged down by the frippery. What really hits the listener are 12 foundation-changing rock songs that have been woven together with love and that slippery agent, time.
Giant's Chair - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Giant's Chair
Giant's Chair was a band from fall of 1993 to the summer of 1997. Scott Hobart played guitar, wrote words and melodies, sang, and booked shows. Byron Collum wrote and played Bass Lines and fixed stuff. Paul Ackerman wrote and played drum parts and Drove a lot. Giant's Chair was instrumental in creating the type of midwestern post hardcore/emo sound that bands like Traindodge, Riddle of Steel, The Life and Times, and Shiner have and continue to play (shiner even had a song named after the band). The Giant's Chair discography includes 2 full lengths and 4 seven inches, most of the stuff was released on Caulfield Records. About 7 years after the band broke up a posthumous release of vinyl only material was released on Caulfield Records. The CD was untitled. The Band Cave In released a cover of the song The Callus on their CDEP Tides of Tomorrow that is extremely well done, however it fails to reach the level of the original. This is the only Known Giant's Chair cover. All Giant's Chair releases except Red and Clear (the vinyl version is out of print) are out of print. If you are a hardcore fan and are looking to find some stuff thats out of print your best bet is Ebay, sometimes you can get lucky with Amazon or as well. If you check ebay periodically you are sure to find the non-Caulfield 7 inches (splits with Boy's Life an Ethel Meserve). They are the easiest out of print release to find. However if you can find Red and Clear or Purity and Control (both the 7 in. and LP)on vinyl consider yourself lucky. If you find the Purity and Control CD consider yourself extremely lucky, I have never seen it on Ebay or amazon, and I have only seen it once on half. Another alternative is to email Bernie Mcginn at Caulfield Records, he may still have a copy or two lying around of some of the Rare stuff. RELEASES: Hotboy 7 inch record on Caulfield Records Cassette Single on Caulfield from Red and Clear Red and Clear Full Length CD/LP on Caulfield Records Split Seven inch with Boy's Life on Hit It! Records Split Seven inch with Ethel Meserve on Tree Records Purity and Control Seven Inch Record on Caulfield Records Purity and Control Full Length CD/LP on Caulfield Records Seven Inch B side Collection CD on Caulfield Records Selections (like a greatest hits CD compiling stuff from both LPs. Made just for the reunion show) Former members of Giant's Chair went on to be in the following bands: Farewell Bend (Paul...Members of Boys life, and Boilermaker too) Volara (Paul... Members of Proudentall too...more recently deceased) Doris Henson (Byron... Members of Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys (
Ex Acrobat - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Ex Acrobat
Duane Trower - Guitar
Chuck Irons - Bass
Jason Smith - Drums
Justin Warring - Guitar / Vocals

Members of Season to Risk, To Conquer and Stella Link
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1520 Grand Blvd
Kansas City, MO, 64108