Outer Reaches, El Ten Eleven, Dead Rider, The Hearers

Day 2

Outer Reaches

El Ten Eleven

Dead Rider

The Hearers

Sego, Pageant Boys

Sat, September 30, 2017

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

$15.00 - $20.00

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Outer Reaches
Outer Reaches
Outer Reaches is a music festival based in Kansas City that showcases the ‘out there’, left-of-center, under-the-radar artists experimenting within and pushing boundaries in their respective genre. Regional acts as well as national and international touring acts are a part of the festival’s spirit, celebrating the variety of experimental music around the globe. There has always a strong tie to music that would fit into the realm of psychedelic music, but the festival has since opened up to more genres with a goal of promoting all music that is adventurous and mind expanding. The festival began in 2012 at FOKL Center, a community art space in downtown Kansas City, Kansas and was organized by Dedric Moore of local psych / experimental bands Monta At Odds and Mysterious Clouds. Adding Haymaker Records owner Brenton Cook and recordBar owner Steve Tulipana to the Outer Reaches crew, the trio have sought to grow and change the festival each and every year.

The music of Outer Reaches 2017 will be showcased over two days at recordBar in late September. Friday, September 29th will feature touring acts Deerhoof (San Francisco, CA) and Lily and Horn Horse (New York City, NY). Kansas City acts Various Blonde and Pageant Boys also join the bill Friday. Saturday, September 30th features touring acts El Ten Eleven (Los Angeles, CA), Dead Rider (Chicago, IL), and Matchess (Chicago, IL). Kansas City is represented on Saturday with Mysterious Clouds and a special reunion show of The Hearers. Both days will have accompanying video projection and local DJ’s playing music between sets.
El Ten Eleven - (Set time: 11:30 PM)
El Ten Eleven
El Ten Eleven is a Los Angeles post-rock duo known for combining guitar/bass doubleneck or fretless bass, with heavy looping, or vamping, and the utility of an effects pedal, over acoustic or electric drumming.
Dead Rider - (Set time: 10:10 PM)
Dead Rider
Dead Rider is a highly experimental 21st century rock and funk band from Chicago, Illinois. Their rhythm-driven sound has been influenced by everyone from Captain Beefheart to Big Black to the early sounds of Chicago's Wax Trax Records, as well as the Butthole Surfers.

The group was founded in 2009 as D. Rider by guitarist and vocalist Todd Rittman, formerly of U.S. Maple. The lineup included Noah Tabakin (saxophone), Andrea Faught (keyboard, trumpet), and Theo Katsaounis (drums).

Their debut album, Mother of Curses, appeared from Tizona in 2009 and was well-received critically, as was their exciting live show. In the midst of recording their follow-up for the label, Katsaounis left the band and was replaced by Matt Espy in 2010. Both drummers are credited on 2011's Raw Dents. Somewhere between the two records, the band changed its name to Dead Rider simply because Rittman was tired of being asked what the "D." stood for.
The Hearers - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
The Hearers
In 1994, Marc Tweed, Darren Welch, and David Moore began to create what is today known as The Hearers - a nine-member monstrosity accented with pedal-steel guitar, cello, harmonica and synthesizers. Through more whiskey than one can imagine, what essentially began as a recording project has evolved into a multi-layered, ultra-dynamic abduction of the stage. With members scattered about the US, The Hearers are comrades committed to their collaboration.
Sego - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Sego is rhythm distilled and pure. The Los Angeles-by-way-of-Provo duo of Spencer Petersen and Thomas Carroll churn out percolating and pummeling beats that coalesce into persistent, spastic grooves that are just as jittery as they are danceable. Once Was Lost Now Just Hanging Around, their debut album (out March 4, 2015 in North America and May 6 in UK/Europe), introduces them as a band turned inside out, the rhythm section taking lead, while the guitars and keyboards add jaded, jagged texture. It’s the sound of postmillennial city life chronicled by two millennials from rural Utah: ’80s kids updating those sounds to the ’10s and in the process rendering the familiar fresh and unfamiliar.
Pageant Boys
Pageant Boys
Based out of Kansas City, Pageant Boys, is the project of Alexander Sheppard. Pageant Boys marks a new and more electronic phase in the career of Sheppard who began writing guitar-based soul and jazz music fifteen years ago. Wolf in a Suit had this to say of Pageant Boys' first EP: “You are left speechless and in complete awe by the magic, truth and majestic unknown that is part of the track. It makes it so beautiful, so real and in a strange way we connect with it, we fall victims to their soundscape and there’s no going back."
Venue Information:
1520 Grand Blvd
Kansas City, MO, 64108