Fairgrounds Vol. 2 Release Party, The Tambourine Club, Mysterious Clouds, Akkilles, Rae Fitzgerald & Co.

Haymaker Records Presents

Fairgrounds Vol. 2 Release Party

The Tambourine Club

Mysterious Clouds


Rae Fitzgerald & Co.

Fri, March 24, 2017

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 9:15 pm


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This event is 18 and over

Fairgrounds Vol. 2 Release Party
Fairgrounds Vol. 2 Release Party
Complimentary CD copy of Fairgrounds Vol. 2 compilation included with admission
The Tambourine Club - (Set time: 12:15 PM)
The Tambourine Club
"In a time I’ve recently referred to as a golden age for Kansas City local music, The Tambourine Club keep that trend going. Indie pop seems to be at its best not only in the local area with bands like Shy Boys, Fullbloods, Toughies, Momma’s Boy, and others. While those others each have their own spins to the genre, The Tambourine Club is one of few in the area exploring the indie psych pop genre.

The quartet uses an extremely wide variety of instrumentation stretching from guitars, drum machines, and synth-produced brass (in the opener, “Twistin”) and other sounds. The second track, “Whistle,” starts off with an extremely fun synth-produced vibrapnhone-like sound. I’m not going to pretend I know what it actually is because I don’t. But this is one of the funnest tracks on the record. The record is certainly started off on a fun note. “Oceans” is an extremely relaxing track to listen to.

Overall, it’s a softer indie pop album. It has the pleasant-to-listen-to elements that Shy Boys offer at times. The album varies quite a bit from track to track, so you don’t ever find yourself losing interest. “Untitled” is a fun, quirky break in the album towards the end of the record.

If you’re not a pop fan, please don’t let my labeling of indie pop turn you off. You could probably get away with calling this an indie rock album if you wanted because it has rock elements as well. Basically, don’t worry too much about genre other than the fact that it’s a little bit psychedelic. The other thing you need to remember is that it’s very good and that you should listen to it as soon as possible either on Spotify or their Bandcamp."
Mysterious Clouds - (Set time: 11:15 PM)
Mysterious Clouds
Mysterious Clouds delved deep into album cuts of lost 60's psych acts for inspiration to mix with their love of post-punk, shoegaze, 60's Italian soundtracks, and 70's British action scores.

The brothers' Moore from Monta at Odds have spun off their heavier leanings into a new group called Mysterious Clouds.

The music is wild, introspective and at times an acid trip for the ears and a space exploration for the mind.

photo credit: Barry Anderson
Akkilles - (Set time: 10:15 PM)
Akkilles is the solo project of David Bennett, an aspiring songwriter and performer from Kansas City. He released his first full length record in 2013 and has plans for multiple releases in 2017.
Rae Fitzgerald & Co. - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
Rae Fitzgerald & Co.
“Apocalyptic dreams, perfectly punctuated deliveries, complex allegories, and the occasional curse word thrown in at just the right beat, Rae Fitzgerald’s music showcases vivid imagery and adept lyricism.” - ­­Jonas Weir, Missouri Life

Urgency is a friend to Rae Fitzgerald. While much of contemporary music shies away from emotionality and embraces a cool detachment, this 27­ year-old’s intricate—and at times, eviscerating—lyric­-work forces the listener to embrace universal emotions of sorrow, hope and bewildered wonder.

Born south of St. Louis and raised in the Muscle Shoals area of Alabama, Fitzgerald has honed her craft in iconic cities of musical innovation. She’s spent extended periods of time in Bakersfield, California, and, most recently, Austin, Texas, though she considers Columbia, Missouri home.

Lyrically heavy, the crux of Fitzgerald’s work is the autobiographical depiction of life­ changing situations, relationships and observations. This creative writing major’s words are heavy-hitting—a strength she accentuates with dreamy vocals, ethereal melodies and grooving beats.

Rae Fitzgerald’s upcoming release, Popular Songs for Wholesome Families, shifts away from the sparsely decorated acoustic instrumentation of previous albums and lands her in the thick of dream­-folk/progressive indie-rock territory.

Utilizing a broad palate of sounds, Popular Songs ranges from electronic anthems of loss to upbeat folk songs that depict a range of musings on religion, mortality, the American plight and, as the title suggests, the ties that bind. The album is purposefully littered with glimpses into her familial life, and the self­-described “fantastical historian” doesn’t shy away from the darker aspects.

Despite her tendency to capitalize on somber material, Rae Fitzgerald is master of the silver lining. Each loss is almost equally matched with a gained insight, evolved perspective or cathartic exorcism. The indomitable spirit present in her work is what gives the seasoned singer-songwriter the freedom to sing, almost as if a mantra, “sorrow is a juggernaut.”

Popular Songs for Wholesome Families was recorded, mixed and produced by her longtime collaborator and close friend Lucas Oswald of Shearwater (formerly of Appleseed Cast, Minus Story, Hospital Ships and Old Canes). He plays a variety of instruments throughout the record, adding a distinct flair that’s become a calling card for the gifted young producer.
Venue Information:
1520 Grand Blvd
Kansas City, MO, 64108