Neil Hamburger

Neil Hamburger

JP Incorporated

Thu, April 6, 2017

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

$15.00 - $17.00

This event is 18 and over

Neil Hamburger
Neil Hamburger
America’s Funnyman Neil Hamburger is the hard-
est working comedian in existence, performing

up to 399 shows a year internationally to critical

acclaim and audience bewilderment. He has toured

as the hand-picked opener for Tenacious D, Tim &

Eric, and Faith No More, appeared on TV shows

ranging from Fox News’ Red Eye to Tim and Eric

Awesome Show Great Job! and Jimmy Kimmel Live!,

and worked extensively with Tom Green on his

internet talk show. Among his dozen or so albums

and DVDs is the new LP release Hot February



“A phlegm-filled sack of putrid self-loathing, Neil

Hamburger is the perfect satire of a slick, profes-
sional nightclub comedian. If you’ve ever suspected

that behind the glossy veneer of fake bonhomie

of those perma-smile acts lies an ugly, embittered,

grotesque soul — well Hamburger is that demon

made flesh. In some living Sisyphean hell, every

night he dons his tuxedo, greases down his hair

and ploughs through the vile set that disgusts even

him, just so he can earn a three-piece chicken din-
ner. His contempt for his own pitiful existence is

surpassed only for his contempt for the audience

who compel him trudge through his despicable

cavalcade of jokes. And my, these gags are certainly

not for the faint of heart, as he plumbs the depths

of depravity for the sake of a laugh.” — Chortle (UK)

“Hamburger is the clapped-out husk of a decorous

Southern gentleman, now coughing in painful

hacks, suppurating filth through his tuxedo, and

her to tip a slurry of abuse all over celebrity and

modern life...a combination of malignance and

desiccated vaudeville.” — The Guardian (UK)

“Neil Hamburger remains the greatest comedian

I’ve seen the greater majority of an audience walk

out on.... No one was leaving their seats this eve-
ning though, as this peerless performer shocked

and delighted in equal measure.... On the road

for 12 years with scarcely a day off, Hamburger is

a condemned showbiz lag, doomed to perform his

antagonistic anti-comedy to potential hostility

forever.” — The Scotsman (UK)

“A brilliantly awful persona of an old-school, C-list

funnyman — the kind with an ill-fitting tuxedo

and an enormous, greasy combover — on a very

bad night. Neil Hamburger toys with an audience’s

expectations (and patience), and indeed his act is

a kind of rude commentary on stand-up comedy

altogether.” — New York Times
Venue Information:
1520 Grand Blvd
Kansas City, MO, 64108