Ink's Middle of the Map Fest, Run River North

Ink's Middle of the Map Fest

Run River North

Cobi, Valley Hush, Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type

Fri, May 5, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


Ink's Middle of the Map Fest
Ink's Middle of the Map Fest
INK's Middle of the Map Fest 2017
:: A festival born & raised in Kansas City ::

This year marks the SEVENTH anniversary of Middle of the Map Fest.

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Run River North
Run River North
Since the band’s beginnings just over four years ago, their rise has been steadily spectacular, marked by appearances on national television, sold-out shows at historic venues, tours with rock and roll royalty and heaps of praise from fans and critics alike. As they blossomed, they embraced their initially folk-driven sound, which found its harmonic home alongside rootsy, foot stomping, sing-along-leading peers like Mumford & Sons, The Head and the Heart, and Of Monsters and Men. Powered by the acoustic-guitar-and-vocals songwriting of frontman Alex Hwang, their 2014 self-titled debut record, produced by Phil Ek (Fleet Foxes, Modest Mouse, Band of Horses), was released with their lineup rounded out by the strings duo of Daniel Chae and Jennifer Rim, Joe Chun on bass, Sally Kang on keys, and John Chong on drums.
Valley Hush
Valley Hush
When you find your musical soulmate, the universe will allow great things to happen. Producer/multi-instrumentalist Alex Kaye and vocalist/lyricist Lianna Vanicelli are Valley Hush and have found that in each other. At the end of 2015, PopMatters named Detroit’s experimental pop group Valley Hush one of the best emerging artists. The duo makes music that is a flirtatious mixture of reality and fantasy that transcends traditional genres. Their debut self-titled album broadly connects the dots between acts such as Tame Impala, Grimes, Gorillaz, and Lana Del Rey, while still sounding wholly unique. Since their inception, Valley Hush has built a reputation on creating music that swells with energy and speaks to our shared existence that we are all in this beautiful mess together.

What does a sunset taste like? If you touched the Milky Way would you draw back a wet hand? These are examples of wild and organic abstractions of thought are the very brush Valley Hush paints with. The duo finds themselves exploring personal trials of struggle, survival and surrender through Vanicelli’s lyrics. While the lyrics are personal they are just as applicable to the masses. Vanicelli gives a voice to the cosmic forces that shift within us. Her words read more like poetry or a lucid dream, rich in vivid detail while evoking the sensation of an impending spring and never a dormant winter. The lyrics are an invitation to the internal and eternal struggle, and the way in which they are delivered is not entirely dissimilar to a mirage; a delicate and thirst quenching range of highs and lows.

Kaye's instrumentals take the lyrics to a new horizon, combining elements of many different musical genres into seamless journeys of sound. Taking cues from producers and artists such as Damon Albarn (Gorillaz), Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys), Danger Mouse, and Hot Sugar, he adds his own touches picked up from years of working as a freelance writer, producer, and engineer in the city of Detroit. He records their songs in several different studios in the Detroit area, including a massive hundred-year-old church converted into a recording space. If you listen closely you can pick up on extremely small production details throughout the course of a Valley Hush song. His goal is to make their music sound like a detailed painting, with waves pushing through space to the listener's ear, rather than brushstrokes to their eyes.

When performing live, the duo expands to a four-piece band to help fill out their sound and allows for their seamless production to take on a new skin. The inclusion of a full band pushes Valley Hush into raw and ferocious territory while still remaining tethered to their signature spacey, dreamscape vibe. They define success by their commitment of authenticity to their vision in hopes of inspiring many with their thoughtfully crafted aural landscape.

After performing at the 2016 Middle of the Map Fest in Kansas City they signed to festival curators own label The Record Machine. Valley Hush has released 2 previous independent EP’s and is currently putting the final touches on their mesmerizing self-titled debut full-length album to be released late 2016.
Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type
Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type
"Rachel Mallin is a self-produced singer/songwriter that finds it difficult to comply within the restrictions of one genre. Whether it’s her self-proclaimed A.D.D. tendencies or another likeable force blending sounds, Mallin has a way with uniting the unlikely." - Andreina Byrne (Demencha Magazine)

Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type, a five-piece Indie-Pop band from Kansas City, MO, quickly gained recognition and resounding approval within their first year from industry and general news publications, including: Kansas City Star newspaper, and magazines Deli KC, Demencha, Highlight, Phonographic, and Vox. With tour opportunities supporting national acts, like Cold War Kids, Metric, The Struts, Kitten, and Panic is Perfect, their music began playing on alternative & college radio stations across the nation.

Founder Rachel Mallin, then 20 year-old sophomore in the midst of a chaotic year at the University of Missouri at Columbia, had been composing collaborations for a new band. Just before noisily shuffling out of an MU lecture hall after her last final exam, Mallin received a text that would change everything. Justin Walker, close friend and co-collaborator, excitedly proclaiming that her recently self-produced, original song was broadcasting live on Kansas City’s alternative radio station.

In a moment, all of the passion and gall of a young musician instantly engaged. Against all the common sense a young musician can have, the news led Mallin to march off the MU campus and head towards a future filled with uncertainty. Of all she was certain, that her life-long passion for music had grown to prevail and now dictated her path. Alongside contributors Jesse Bartmess (synth/keys), Austin Edmisten (drums/back-up vocals), Matt Kosinski (lead guitar) and Justin Walker (bass), Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type was born.

Back in her hometown, at Element Recording Studios, audio engineer/owner Joel Nanos (Madisen Ward & The Mama Bear, RadKey and Republic Tigers) recorded and produced the “Degenerate Matters” EP. Throughout the EP’s tracks (Cash4Gold, Dance Card, Dropout, White Girls), Mallin’s vocals lazily drift with charming sarcasm and quips of disdain, as a lyric & rhythmic reflection of the generational culture of collegiate discontent. In perfect complement, the sonic textures of Kosinski’s guitar arrangements uniquely echo a surf-pop vibe, nostalgia of 50's/60's doo-wop laced with modern angst.

Contributors -
Jesse Bartmess: Keys, Synth
Austin Edmisten: Back-up Vocals, Drums
Matt Kosinski: Lead Guitar
Rachel Mallin: Guitar, Lead Vocals, Songwriter
Justin Walker: Bass

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1520 Grand Blvd
Kansas City, MO, 64108