Milemarker, Drop a Grand

Fri, February 24, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$17.00 - $20.00

This event is 18 and over

The group formed in 1992, and quickly found wide exposure, releasing a vinyl EP in 1993 and touring with acts such as Sunny Day Real Estate, Chore, Jawbox, Season to Risk, The Jesus Lizard, and Girls Against Boys. The group released their first LP, Splay (recorded at Steve Albini's Chicago studio) in 1996, and a second album, Lula Divinia the next year. Sub Pop took notice, and released a 7" single of the group's songs "Sleep it Off" and "Half Empty". Following this the band toured with Hum and Swervedriver in 1998. A third full-length, Starless, was released on a label run by members of The Descendents, Owned and Operated, in 2000. A fourth LP, The Egg, would follow before the group broke up in 2002. This was recorded and produced at Matt Talbot's recording studio.
Formed 1997 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina by Al Burian, Dave Laney and Ben Davis, Milemarker quickly gained recognition in the independent music scene for their explosive live shows and adventurous instrumentation. The band became known for its combination of post-hardcore punk with new wave electronics, and found a solid touring line-up 1999-2004 in Burian, Laney and singer/synth player Roby Newton. Milemarker played circa 1000 shows in support of their releases Frigid Forms Sell (Lovitt, 2000) and Anaesthetic (Jade Tree, 2001), touring extensively in North America, Europe and Japan, along the way sharing the stage with bands such as Wire, Mission of Burma, At The Drive-In, The Hives, Thursday, Blood Brothers, International Noise Conspiracy, High On Fire, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Muff Potter, Cave In, Les Savy Fav, Spoon, Monochrome, Turbostaat, The Faint, The Locust, and Hot Snakes. The band continued to play with shifting line-ups between 2005-2008, completing a US and European tour with founding member Ben Davis, and performing at the SXSW and Fusion festivals.

In 2009, guitarist Dave Laney moved to Hamburg and focused his musical energy into the band Auxes, while bassist Al Burian moved to Berlin to pursue literary and journalistic interests. A re-ignition of the band in Germany seemed inevitable. Milemarker returned to the stage and studio in 2015, with Lena Kilkka on keys/vocals and Ezra Cale on drums.
Drop a Grand
Drop a Grand
The Great White North has many fine exports -- Bombardier, Amabilis Fir, Jean Coutu… and their oh so precious and sparsely tapped Oil. But perhaps the fairest is the Vancouver-spawned DAG. On tap 24/7 in its many varietals since the early '00s, Gern Blanzden, Unikron, White n Shitty II and the neglatory Two Dollar Bill facemelt blues standards, krusticize shmuck punk glippets, and pack an arsenal of nugatory covers on call for blank discharge at will.

"Call it what you want - a novelty act, a parody or tongue-in-cheek performance art gone awry - DAG stirs up a loud, joyous ruckus every time it takes the stage… the members unleash a bracing blend of punk, glam and rock n roll with a fury, keeping a sturdy groove amid the turmoil." -Tim Finn, KC Star

"A delightful nightmare onstage. Although their getups were entertaining, they hardly needed them. Their performance and music were thrilling, full of vocal and guitar effects, and stimulated the crowd into a frenzy." - I Heart Local Music
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1520 Grand Blvd
Kansas City, MO, 64108